Relationships between HIV-positive, HIV-negative and HIV-unknown (‘serodiscordant’) significantly feature in the lives of people living with HIV (PLHIV).

This publication aims to normalise and illustrate how sero-discordance is understood and negotiated in relationships between all people of HIV-difference. It offers insights into the personal understanding of the intersection of HIV risk reduction, prevention tools and strategies as people in sero-discordant relationships negotiate sex and share responsibility for ending HIV transmission, while we combat HIV stigma, discrimination and phobia.

These stories in HIV Difference? challenge outdated knowledge and offer safe strategies to negotiate fears, including the ongoing role of condoms in HIV and STI prevention; the increasing role of pharmaceutical interventions; adherence to antiretroviral treatment and impact of an undetectable viral load; and desire and acceptance in a social and sexual environment slowly coming to the realisation of what it means to be Ending HIV today.

It is in this light that HIV Difference? boosts the voices of people who negotiate life and love in the shadow of HIV-difference and especially normalises the experience of HIV-difference and how serodiscordance itself is being perceived and reinterpreted today.