A journey of HIV difference; of changing times and rethinking beliefs. And how information and disclosure can overcome your fears and help you take control to have the kind of relationships you want to have. 



After connecting online, Fox and Thomas build a strong future together where paperwork, visa bureaucracy and finding time to play takes up more space than HIV in their serodiscordant relationship.


A story of assumptions and being a heterosexual woman living with HIV. How talking about HIV, testing and trusting made more difference to a relationship than anyone’s HIV status.



While Suresh has changed countries, partners and attitudes, being HIV-different hasn’t changed his chances for love and companionship.



While Ted navigates the boundaries of labels, sex and identity, being sexually adventurous with his HIV-different partners and fuck buddies doesn’t slow Ted down in any way.



This story is about someone who knows himself well enough to accept others for who they are, and is prepared for the best sex possible.



Fiercely protective of his privacy, Matt struggles to cope with a number of unexpected events. He faces his fears and finds companionship and support in a HIV-different relationship.



After sero-converting Carlo finds a HIV-different kind of love with Jared who has his back and his heart.



Today Aaron takes each day as it comes, and feels much more comfortable to talk about HIV with all his partners – HIV positive or negative. His straight forward approach in changing world is to ‘get it out of the way’ and get on with life.